Plan Your Family's Future Today

Have you ever considered the possibility that you might not always be there to provide for your family? As disconcerting as the thought may be, it's an important question to ask. With will preparation and estate planning from Bulie Law Office, you won't ever have to worry about your family's financial future again.

We have multiple offices throughout North Dakota and Minnesota, so give us a call today at 701-795-5062 to schedule an appointment that's convenient for you.
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Will and testament

Are You Tired of Being Harassed by Creditors?

Bankruptcy files
If you can't keep up with the mounting bills and non-stop threatening phone calls from intimidating creditors, bankruptcy might be your best option. Long seen as a negative proposition, bankruptcy could be the option that allows you to move forward without the stress and aggravation that goes along with being deep in debt.

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Settle Your Tax Debts

Tax debt is a serious issue that, believe it or not, might be easier to settle than you thought. With help from the experienced legal team at Bulie Law Office, you could be able to completely wipe away your tax and debt issues.

Call 701-795-5062 to discuss your legal and financial options.
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Tax demand
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