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About Bulie Law Office

Bulie Law Office is a locally owned and operated firm with 15 years of experience. All of our attorneys are  licensed in both the state of North Dakota and Minnesota.

We have multiple locations (all of which provide FREE parking) and are proud to represent clients in communities throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.
Give us a call today at 800-993-4307 to schedule a FREE initial consultation. 
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We're a small firm specializing in 

  • Bankruptcy
                Chapter 7-Individual, Farm, Business
                Chapter 11-Business Reorganization
                Chapter 12-Farm Reorganization
                Chapter 13-Individual Reorganization
  • Tax or Debt Settlement Without Bankruptcy
  • Tax Preparation & Estate Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Corporation & LLC Setup
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We Take the Fear and Stress out of Bankruptcy

All of our accomplished bankruptcy lawyers are committed to helping you achieve financial freedom. If bills are mounting up and you're being harassed by creditors, our legal team could be able to help you out of debt by determining if bankruptcy is the best way forward for you. Rest assured, we'll always look out for your best interests.

We know that financial problems can be devastating, but there may be solutions for you. In some cases, our bankruptcy lawyers can help you start over with a completely clean slate.
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